søndag 3. juli 2016

I am losing myself

I just want to crawl up in a fetal position and stare at the wall, or close my eyes shut and try not to think, not a thing, nothing..
There is an invisible mountain of unfelt feelings that are fighting for space in my head.
They crawl and scratch behind my forehead and interferes with my vision... that gets all blurry.

A solid lump is aching in my chest, 10 cm below the hollow of the throat.
It radiates like a sun thru my body, a dark absorbing sun, a black hole that sucks in all emotions, 
leaving a void so huge that I just want to scream my lungs out, 
scream till my throat is sore and aching, and no sound no longer exists in me at all.

I want to rip it out! 
I want to tear it from my chest and step on it, 
I want to cry and scream at it.. 
But there is nothing I can do..

I put myself in a mental fetal position and search deep within myself for a happy mask to put on my face so no one can see, 
although I feel that tese feelings I have is like a vibrating layer on my skin, 
on my soul... 
On my very self. 
But I know that no one can see this, so I put on a mask adapted to the environment, 
a mask that does not reflect my own inner struggle.

These crawling feeling, these emotions steals all my strength, 
so I can not feel,
I can not act or do as I want to do. I am a slave to my own dark emotions.

I curl up in a mental fetal position, 
and wait.

Wait till my emotional storm pases by.
I wait...

In the meantime

I am loosing myself

I..am.. loosing.. my.. self.....

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